Temple Tree, Malaysia

Temple Tree

History meets modern luxury in a stunning lakeside setting at Temple Tree hotel, on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.


Where is it?
10 minutes from the airport on Langkawi Island in north-west Malaysia

Why is it amazing?

offers travellers a unique chance to live in a heritage building tweaked with modern touches. The latest resort by Australian interior-designer-turned-hotelier Narelle McMurtrie, each house is unique in design and decor.

The 1920s-era Colonial House, once the home of gold traders in George Town, has hand-painted floor tiles and a fish-scale design canopy over the porch.

While the 80-year-old turquoise-hued Penang House has accents of an art deco cottage, adapted for the tropics with shuttered windows and wooden floorboards.

Resort life revolves around the two lap pools, overlooking a lily filled lake and Straits Club House, a rambling wooden house with an extensive wine list and excellent chicken tikka on the menu.

Don’t leave without
Taking an old wooden sailing ship around Langkawi’s 103 outer islands

When to go
The temperature hovers around 30 degrees year round; it’s driest from December to February and wettest in August

Doubles from $206 per night including breakfast;