Phuket Botanic Garden

Phuket Botanic Garden
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Phuket Botanic Garden in Chalong offers an alternative recreation choice for visitors; especially those with an interest in gardening. This orchid pavilion display, rainforest garden, winter garden, with many rare plant species and more than 30 other selections will entertain the whole family.

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Variety of plants in Botanic garden

Phuket Botanic Garden is a great place to enjoy 50 different varieties of cactus, some unique palm trees and the aromatic fragrant gardens themselves. Walking around the pond, you will appreciate the beautiful water lilies, lotuses and Japanese carp (or koi) as well as the large artificial waterfall that you can actually walk through.

Phuket Botanic Garden Phuket Botanic Garden

Discover plants and fruits at the fruit orchard and herb garden that you may have been eating since arriving in Thailand without knowing it. These include mangos, mangosteens, bananas, jackfruits, santol, lychee and rose apples. Most are indigenous fruits only to Southeast Asia.

Discover the exhibition of Thai farmers

Enjoy the exhibition of an average Thai farmer through a display of a rice field and a small house that also has a vegetable garden. It helps us to understand how the farmers gain direct benefits from their own hard work and why, especially in the old days, Thai farmers hardly needed to buy any food.

Phuket Botanic Garden Phuket Botanic Garden

They not only grow their own rice, vegetables and herbs, but they also raise their own animals such as chickens and pigs while fish are sourced from their own pond or river and other nearby water resources. Their simple life can be a good inspiration and example of living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Opened in 2012, the Phuket Botanic Garden is a huge garden covering a large 15-rai area of land, but don’t worry, it has plenty of rest facilities and a souvenir shop. Some of the most interesting displays worth checking are the Thai-style spirit houses and wooden features that show how beautiful Thai craftsmanship can be.