Best Time to Travel Sapa

Sapa is one of the most attractive places for tourists when they visit the north of Vietnam. In each kind of weather conditions, Sapa has different beauties, but tourists have to choose the right time to witness the most spectacular scenes in Sapa, especially on clear sunny days. Since Sapa is a highland town, the way leading there is not easy to drive, especially in rain season, when the road surface is slippery and a litter bit dangerous.

Hebei and Tianjin in China

A somewhat anonymous region, Hebei has two great cities at its heart – Beijing and Tianjin – both of which long ago outgrew the province and struck out on their own as separate municipalities....
Vacation essentials

Essentials For Your Hanoi Vacation

Health and safety International clinics in Hanoi offer the highest quality care but also cost more. Local hospitals are not quite up to the standards of Thailand, Hong Kong, or Singapore, but they are decent...
Travel by boat

How to Travel From Mandalay to Yangon in Burma

Burma, or Myanmar, is in Southeast Asia and is governed by an oppressive military regime. However, the government sometimes eases restrictions on tourism, so intrepid travelers may enjoy the sights of the country. The...

Things To Know About Halong Bay Cruise in The Winter

Halong Bay’s rich biodiversity and pristine beauty allure tourists to visit all year round. The summer, from April to September, is often hot and humid while the winter is dry with some cold months....

Overall Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city-state that became independent from the British in 1965 and is now one of the world’s leading economic centers in shipping and banking – Singapore is expensive by Southeast-Asian standards,...

Where to go in Cambodia

Dubbed the “Pearl of Asia” during its colonial heydey, Phnom Penh remains one of Southeast Asia’s most engaging capitals: big enough (and with sufficient anarchic traffic and urban edge) to get the pulse racing,...
Traditional art performance

Cambodia Art Performance

Cambodia is not only famous for old age temples and towers but also flexible and charming dance. Dance plays an important role in the spiritual life of Cambodian. Khmer Dance (Apsara Dance) is among...
Attraction of Thailand

5 Most Attractive Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is a collage of animated scenes that comprise bustling modern cities crowded with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples tended by orange-robed monks, hill tribes selling handicrafts, lush landscapes dotted with traditional farming villages,...

Best Beaches Near Phnom Penh

Cambodian tourism is not all about Angkor Wat complex. It also owns many beautiful beaches and natural sceneries. And their relative peace makes the minimal effort well worth it. Here are five beaches all visitors can visit within some hours from Phnom Penh.

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