Top 15 Most Delicious Food in Ho Chi Minh

Top 15 Most Delicious Food in Ho Chi Minh
UPDATED: 20 Mar 2017 69 Views

If you have the opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City from elsewhere but did not know how to go, or where to eat, you can take a look here to get the ticket to Ho Chi Minh with VietJet (here) or Vietnam Airlines (here) or another here, and refer to this list for the top fifteen of the most delicious food you should try in Ho Chi Minh, or else, it is like you have never been to Ho Chi Minh City.

1 Cơm tấm (broken rice)

The first dish in everybody's mind when they are in Saigon must be Cơm tấm aka. Broken Rice. This dish is so popular that everyone can eat this anytime of the day, especially in the midnight. This dish is called Cơm tấm because it was cooked from broken rice – the grain of rice is broken into pieces. The most popular dish is rice served with grilled parks, but sometimes they are served with roasted chicken, ribs, pork skin (thinly shredded pork mixed with cooked and thinly shred pork skin), egg roll with rice, … Rice plates are always served with pickles, a bowl of soup and a sour and sweet fish sauce to make the dish gain more flavor.

2 Bánh tráng trộn (mixed rice paper)

 It is often said that Saigon is a place where people from all over the country come to do business, to trade or to create opportunities, therefore people bring their "specialties" from everywhere around Vietnam and gather at Saigon. And that is the reason for the diversity of food in Saigon.

Mixed rice paper

Mixed rice paper

On the other hand,  because some of the "Saigon specialties" are not just imported from other provinces then keep as the originals. But within this city, they combined, changed, and added some heart and soul of Saigon to those “specialties” and created its very distinctive tastes. In Saigon, the rice paper was mixed with all kinds of food such as dried beef, laksa leaves, and sour mango ... and this street food has been Saigon specialty for over 8 years. Now, a "standard" pack of mixed rice paper in Saigon has no less than 10 ingredients. It can be found at all school gates, parks ... from 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND.

3 Phá lấu - Stewed viscera

The main ingredient of this dish is the pig or cow viscera. The tastes depend on the softness, chewiness of viscera, tenderness, and fatness of broth. To eat Phá lấu the right way, you should eat it with skewers not chopsticks, forks or spoon. In addition to the broth, to the stew, the flavors, sweet and sour fish sauce is served together with the dish. Tasting pha lau, with bread dipping into the broth, and chatting with friends will bring you those most memorable moments while staying in Vietnam.

4 Green papaya salad with jerky beef

Green papaya salad with jerky beef With the sweetness of beef broth mixing with crispy papaya, Green papaya salad with jerky beef is also one of the favorites of the Saigonese - The people of Saigon. It costs about 15,000 VND to 18,000 VND for a dish, and the best place you can get it is Le Van Tam Park. When you arrive at the park, a person will bring a piece of the pad for you to sit on, usually around the trees. The dish in Le Van Tam Park is just street food but it has been around for decades. Here the seller will add a few pieces of crispy shrimp cake on the dish to create a new taste that not many places in Saigon can bring.

Green papaya salad with jerky beef

Green papaya salad with jerky beef

5 Nam Vang Noodles

Nam Vang Noodle, also known as a "mixed-cultures" dish because it originates from Cambodia, but is processed by the Chinese. This Noodle is a popular food no less than Cơm tấm in Saigon, but Nam Vang Noodle is actually even more special. Especially because of the variety of materials. Nam Vang Noodle with pork tenderloin and minced pork but in Saigon, people add more ingredients such as shrimp, liver, quail eggs, squid ... And when enjoying Nam Vang Noodle, there will be an indispensable big bowl of vegetables including shredded vegetables, chives, lettuce, ... There are two ways to eat this food that are dried noodles (with a small bowl) and “wet” noodles (with noodles inside the bowl of soup). Soy sauce and garlic will be added to the dried noodles for differentiated flavors,

6 Dim sum

It was originally a Chinese snack but became popular in Saigon. The street that has been selling the best Dim sum is Ha Ton Quyen Street in District 5. This dish is a bit like wonton, but inside there are more shrimp and lean meat inside. You eat dim sum with a fork and dip dim sum into a bowl of Hoisin sauce with a bit of hot sauce. A bowl of dim sum also added fish bubbles, pig skin, ... When you trying the food, you can also try the fried dim sum or dim sum with noodles.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

7 Snail dishes

Saigon is not a coastal city, but if you were here but did not try a meal of snail dishes then you are missing a big part of living in Ho Chi Minh City. Eating snails in Saigon is a "lifestyle" nowadays. There are nearly 20 kinds of snails available in Saigon with each type of snails can be processed with different methods, such as grilled, steamed, boiled, stir-fried with vegetable, fried with garlic, fried with butter, sautéed. You can not taste all types of snails in one meal because of its complexity and diversity. So if you want to fully understand these dishes in Saigon, prepare yourself with some friends and drag through every good snail's restaurant in the city to try all the types of snails methods of processing them. The famous snail's restaurants in Saigon stay in Oc Dao in District 4, Oc Nhu at Dien Bien Phu, Oc Hoang Dieu ...

8 Grilled food

Rumor said that Saigonese like to go out for snacks, especially in the raining season, snack is even more attractive. Eating in the food and chatting is a way to bring joy to a busy day of Saigonese. When they say "hang out", it means not just hang out but "to eat out". Nearly every snack can be eaten quick, but if you eating grilled food, you must grill the food thoroughly, tasting the food slowly so that the flavors of smoked food can spread out inside your mouth, on the tongue, and soften the wet and cold days of the training season. The joy of eating grilled food in the raining season is having your friends gathering around the fire, or winning over these little pieces of grilled meat, like a family gathering together for a great time. Grilled dishes in the South are distinctively marinated, salted, with chopped garlic, more or less and done with direct heat on the bottom. The food that is easily get grilled is grilled chilli-salted chicken legs, or grilled chicken cartilage, grilled frogs, grilled heart and viscera of pork or chicken ...

9.Bánh mì thịt (Vietnamese sandwich)

Vietnamese sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich

Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich) is a food that appears everywhere in Vietnam, with 22 types of stuffings for your choice. However, the most delicious and popular type of stuffing that most people like is the meat stuffing. Vietnamese sandwich is sold from the notorious bakeries to the touts everywhere in the city. The stuffing meat is made differently between bakeries, but in general, a Vietnamese sandwich must have dozens of ingredients including pate, butter, spring rolls, ham, sausages, homemade sauces, and vegetables ... A memory of a big sandwich full of meat that can fulfill your mouth with one bite, priced from 10,000 VND to nearly 30,000 VND with the memory Vietnam crowded street will never fade after you try out this most delicious, signature food.

10 Fresh spring rolls (with Chinese sausages)

This snack has always been famous in hotel ho chi Minh since the 45s when the girls were dressed in Áo dài and riding on bicycles. Although it is not in the very top delicious food, it will be hard to find this food outside Ho Chi Minh City. These spring rolls consist of a thin layer of fresh rice paper outside white radish or soft steamed cassava, with ruốc (salted shredded meat with shrimp, crustaceous animals), a few lettuce, herbs and a few Chinese slices of sausages. These spring rolls are served with Hoisin sauce, roasted peanuts and a dish of pickles. A roll is small, perfect for eating as a snack rather than a main dish. Currently, these spring rolls are selling mainly on trolleys around Saigon, but if you want to try some, a snack bar right across the street from Saigon University in the 5th District is a perfect place to try these out.

11 Fresh summer rolls

What is the other salad? This is a question that is always with tourists because, at first glance, these two dishes are quite similar when the same rice paper wrapped inside, dots with soy sauce. But the rolls and beefcakes are completely different. The salad is larger than the beef, the noodles inside the vermicelli, raw vegetables, boiled pork or boiled pig ear, boiled shrimps peeled. The salad is a dish full, when eating dots with seasoned sauce or sauce, only about 3-5 books are eaten "satiated". A role of books is priced at VND 5,000 or more, depending on how many or less meats is inside, depending on where you sell it. The salad is easy to eat in the hot climate of the southern city, used to eat lunch or hot days after the car wash after the tan.

Fresh summer rolls

Fresh summer rolls

12 Fried dough

 Fried dough is a delicious dish originally from the Chinese in District 5, District 11 of the city. But because it is so attractive, fried dough has gradually "covered" the city and become one of the typical dishes of Saigon. The fried flour is actually very simple, just blocks of rice flour are cut square and even, shake through soy sauce, then fried on the pan for the crispy golden look on the outside, hot inside, along with eggs, green onions. The dish of fried dough, with a great smell and crispy outside, soft on the inside with fried eggs are eaten with pickles and dip within sweet and sour vinegar that makes everyone in love with it after one taste. And visitors when tasted once they will start missing that fried dough while leaving Saigon.

13 Thu Duc Fermented Pork

For Thu Duc people, fermented pork is a long-standing tradition food that are favorited by the Elders, because they eating that in the summer with beer and in the winter with wine. Until now, Thu Duc fermented pork is still a popular food and is attracted lots of people to enjoy or buy as gifts for their family. Thu Duc fermented pork is famous for its special taste. Fresh red rose, black pepper and some thin slices of garlic, when eaten, the sweet taste of meat and sour taste of fermentation.

14 Crab tapioca noodles

Crab tapioca noodles

Crab tapioca noodles

Crab tapioca noodles is a popular dish in the South Sea provinces, from Da Nang onwards. The tapioca noodles are made from flour or rice flour, that are larger than the noodles in the North, in clear (transparent) white, stickier and thicker than the normal noodles. There are many kinds of tapioca noodles such as pork noodles, shrimp noodles, fish noodles... but the most delicious and outstanding is the crab tapioca noodles. Tapioca noodles is actually a regular food that lots of people love to eat even though they do not know about its origins. But the place that is selling the best tapioca noodles in Saigon is a shop near Bông Bridge, in Binh Thanh District. The food here will amaze and also satisfy the customers by the red color of the crab mixed with between the red color of the crab and the yellow color of the sweet broth in the most harmony way possible

15 Sea crab hotpot

In Saigon, the crab hotpot usually cooks with sea crab. And no matter how varied the dish is, it still retains the taste of fresh and delicious taste inherent from the fresh crab. The ingredients to make this hot pot include large, fresh sea crabs. A pot of hot pot only really attractive when added to the broth the taste of the crab paste (inside its body), an aroma of the onion, a fragrant of the coriander, the dark brown broth is added with a slight touch of the red from tomatoes, green onions, and other ingredients... This dish will not be that attractive without the vegetables. Vegetables is a must at a side dish of this pot broth, with a type of vegetable called “muop huong” (add sweet and sour flavors to the pot), with basella alba, banana flower, and spinach ... eat together with thin white noodles, a slightly salted fish sauce some chillies will bring you its best flavors.